At Modern Eyecare, each member of our vision care team is selected by Dr. Sadia Bhatti based upon his or her experience, professional demeanor, and dedication to providing personalized care to our optometry patients.


Clear vision is essential for all aspects of life, including driving, reading, hobbies, and sports. However, a variety of factors, including illness, injury, and aging, can influence your vision. Your vision will remain as clear as possible if you visit our optometrist on a regular basis. For many years, Dr. Bhatti has offered trustworthy optometry services to Connecticut residents.

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Your needs for eye care could alter over time. Children rely on good vision to learn, play, and interact with others in their early years. As kids get older, having good vision becomes even more crucial for their success in school, sports, and other activities. As they deal with daily work tasks that strain their eyes, adults frequently require vision care. Because eye diseases can develop as people age, older people need more intensive vision monitoring. Our optometrist will examine your eyes to find any illnesses that could impair your vision and administer the necessary treatments.

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Dr. Bhatti and the team at Modern Eyecare use their extensive experience to help patients in Norwalk, CT, and the surrounding areas see clearly throughout life. We offer many optometry services including routine eye exams, comprehensive eye exams, contact lens eye exams, pediatric eye exams, cataract care, dry eye treatment, LASIK surgery consultation, diabetic eye care, emergency eye care, and more. Call Modern Eyecare today at (203) 902-7200 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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